Hidden Away
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12th Jul 2011

Hidden away so no one saw, spirit & emotions raw
Fear & anger washed aside, by tears that I just couldnít hide
Scarred by pain & ridicule, children can sometimes be so cruel
I hurt myself, but no one knows, the pain inside, it always grows
Electric light, with finger in, I felt a buzz upon my skin
Wires wrapped around my bits, after looking at their ****

Male & female they are whole, my spirits fighting for control
Should I just stand up & shout, my female side wonít let it out
That killer punch, should I throw, my male side, didnít know
The anger, I canít let it out, my female side had won the bout
I pray to end this life I live, & the love that some wonít give
Emotions that I canít let go, locked away, no one will know

At work it wasnít quite the same, just play along with the game
The people treated with distrust, the consequence was so unjust
To ease their pain I told them so, the Judas that they didnít know
For my part I felt their pain, when I was treated just the same
Asked by them to make more pay, threatened when I couldnít stay
Showing no guilt or empathy, I can assure that was not me

Then the day when they burst out, I started to scream, cry & shout
I heard the news that I did fear, I had lost someone so dear
I couldnít stop the pain inside, my emotions I just couldnít hide
Not just for him but ones before, he had opened up the door
It was intense & scary too, I had to stop just for the few
So I locked away inside, the pain that I still had to hide

Then in a flash they did come out, so that I can scream & shout
Cry & wretch, fall to the floor, & take my rage out on the door
The dent is still for all to see, & as for when I fell down on knee
The emotions I felt they did subside, the happiness I felt inside
The letter that I had to write, still kept & hidden from all sight
Some people will be shaken when, they realise my awakening

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