Why I got involved in psychosis and bipolar research
Posted by lizziandsue
22nd Aug 2016

My name’s Lizzi and I want to tell you why I got involved in psychosis and bipolar research.

A few years ago I supported a friend through a period of serious mental ill-health. It was a difficult time for me and my friend’s family. My friend was acting very oddly, frequently going missing, and was so ill that he didn’t want to live. It was very distressing for us all to see him so unwell. It was a challenge both to understand what he was experiencing and to get him the help he needed. Many other relatives and friends face the same challenges every day and often have nowhere to turn.

I now work for Lancaster University as part of the REACT study ( The REACT study aims to help other relatives and close friends of people with psychosis and bipolar. My fellow REACT Supporter Sue has also supported someone through serious mental illness. We joined the study team because we want to support other people going through the same thing.

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