My Pain My Sorrow not yours
Posted by AliceRitaK
12th Aug 2016

So today I'm in the doldrums. My ex husband brought his new girlfriend to the house we still own in Italy. Two weeks ago. And told me he was alone. But the neighbours have told me and I feel angry upset distraught. Several vile email exchanges later I'm still blubbing and keep texting.
Sent him this at my worst today.

You have torn my heart from my breast and shattered it into a thousand pieces and yet it still is not enough. Because of course you do not care. It does not touch you. You take no responsibility for it. You are air, rsing. I am shape shifting shadows of sorrow descending into darkness that I wish would be eternal
That I might finally find peace.

All crap really but it's me. Now. Today. My pain. My sorrow. Not his not yours. And I want it to leave my aching head. I am nearly 60 years old and I want peace.

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