Wanting to just feel 'ok'
Posted by artistic
11th Aug 2016

I've been seeing a psychologist for some time now and working really hard at each session and between sessions. It reached a point where it was going to be necessary for me to relive past experiences which I didn't feel able to do........Long story short, I decided over the next few weeks that this was not the route I wanted to take, fearing that this would be too traumatic for me to do in sessions and cope with between sessions.

I've discussed this fear with my psychologist and have decided (my right to decide) that this is not a route I feel able to delve into, but I do want to feel I can 'cope' and feel 'ok' in everyday life and settings. So that's where I'm at, that's the plan, to learn coping strategies and distractions and relaxation type techniques to cope better with life in general.

I know a lot of people would say that discussing the past events may be awful etc etc but in the longterm would be beneficial, but I just can not imagine coping with the process, at least not at the moment.

So I'll keep this blog and hopefully my chosen way of therapy will prove successful in keeping me 'ok' with betting abilities to 'cope' in general life settings.

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