Self harm stigma
Posted by becciphillips96
6th Aug 2016

Self harming, no matter HOW you do it, is an ADDICTION.
Like any other addiction, it takes hold of you, it finds your weakness and it takes your life, it sucks the soul out of you.
Some people smoke, some people drink, some people people gamble, some people take drugs, some people have lots of unprotected sex, some people eat to much, some people stop eating altogether.
Self harm is just as harmful as any other of these "normal" releases. It has been given a massive stigma in society whilst people can take drugs, party and drink all they like and it's welcomed with open arms.

Everybody self harms in some way, nobody is perfect. Everybody deprives themselves of something in life. We are ALL just trying to find that balance in life, we are all trying to find love and happiness before we perish

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