Don't know how to open up
Posted by lostintranslation
26th Jun 2016

Unsure what to say or where to start...As it says in the title "I don't know how to open up" Right start with the easy stuff! I'm a 41 yr old female from Scotland, I have lived her all my life...moved out of him early due to circumstances beyond my control...from the age of eight years old my life went from normal to wtf in the blink of an eye! Anyhow I'm just out of a twenty year same sex relationship, have no kids, got two dogs and two cats...I am not working and spend a lot of time doing little diy projects, wallpapering, painting...generally making my surroundings as pretty as I can...Social Phobias' ��

For the moment this is about as much as I can muster to say...not very much to read about but this is kind of a new thing for me...never ever been on any forum...or online groups so please be patient! Intended for those who managed to get past the first line...cheers and here's hoping I come back soon

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