Diary of a Depressed Girl (2)
Posted by ddg
12th Jun 2016

Dear all,

Today I came back from University. 3 years have passed so quickly and now there are so many things to be depressed and anxious about. I am now home but feel more alone than ever. All my friends have gone their separate ways and I fear I will not be able to remain in touch with them all. I already feel anxious about beggining work in London in September, not to mention the stress of having to organise who I am living with and where. I feel so nervous I've bitten all my nails which leads to further self criticism. Even when my Mum and I couldn't pick a film I felt down because we wasted time trying to find something good to watch and didn't and when she went to bed I realised that other 21 year olds are probably going out and having fun. I'm still unsure about this whole blogging thing - nobody responds so I'm not sure if I want to converse with others who feel the same way or stick to the blogging thing - I'll have to have a think! On one hand writing my feelings down makes me feel better, but on the other it just makes me feel more alone than ever.

Until next time,

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