Anxiety at the Races.
Posted by emberry
10th Jun 2016

Things have been going pretty well these past few days with writing in my notebook and I've perked up a little until my Boyfriend told me that we have been invited to the York Races event. For any person who doesn't suffer with anxiety, panic attacks and twitches/ticks they would be really looking forward to it, excited even, but for me it's stressful and panic worthy. I have an outfit all picked out and i'm going to really look the part but my main concern is the fact that it's with all his work colleagues and it's the first time i'm going to meet them so i don't want to have a full blown meltdown.. any advice? I have been trying to get my motor and vocal twitches under control but when i get really, really stressed out that's when they start fighting back. It's usually a 'F**k' or 'F**k Off' which is really embarrassing and i move my arms and head a LOT. It makes it so much worse when i'm anxious and trying to control it. I don't want to make the wrong impression or make my anxiety that much worse. I'm going to feel so uncomfortable the entire day and i'm in heels! I just give myself so many reasons to panic and cause me stress but that's the beauty of anxiety and depression. I have a migraine brewing from the thought process and from all the unnecessary stress that i cause myself. I have warned my other half that this usually occurs and he has been so supportive and he's really trying to understand more about it but he still doesn't quite grasp how it actually effects me. It's going to be a battle. Wish me luck!

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