Jamie Stewart: Relationships, Bipolar and Fundraising
Posted by Lucy Mills
7th Jun 2016

Submitted by Jamie Stewart


I shaved my head to show solidarity and support to all the people who need help just as I have needed help.
I received lots of donations for SANE and people were great!

Having a mental illness can be very difficult for not just you but for those who care about you. The key to maintaining relationships with family, friends or a partner is honesty and without that, you do not have a solid platform to stand on.When people can not only like you but LOVE you when you cannot even comprehend liking yourself then you have something special.

Forgiveness is underrated and for me living as a Bipolar person, I have so many people to thank, they stuck by me when my behavior was unacceptable, irrational and upsetting.And in turn, I have learned to forgive, I can practice compassion, I can use my experience and be a help to others.

Mental illness can be frightening, for some people it is a short trip down a dark path but for others it is a lifelong condition down a dark tunnel with no end in sight. But if you wait long enough, someone will come and shine a torch, hold your hand and pull you out.

Life is worth living for these moments.

Remember what you learned ten years ago, last year or yesterday, this is your life and happiness is attainable.

Thank everyone who helps you every chance you get, show you appreciate it - that love will be returned.

And last of all, listen to what your friends and family are telling you, a positive message usually comes from an honest person.

Be happy when you can, and when you can't... stay strong!

Jamie x

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