September's children
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27th Jun 2011

I donít need to tell you that itís a tragedy when a young person commits suicide. Itís horrendous for those closest to them and the community that surrounds them. Last year in the USA and in the UK there was a spate of teen suicides that were caused by homophobic bullying. These teens were driven over the edge by homophobic bullies; tormented to breaking point. Their stories are heart breaking and almost enough to make you lose faith in the kindness of humans.
The rock band, Rise Against, have written a song called Make it stop (Septembers children) which is said to be a dedication to teens and young people being bullied for their sexual orientation. Even if you are not a fan of rock music, this song is certainly enough to get you fired up and feeling passionate about standing up for what is right.
The video also features the lives of three teens who are being bullied at school and provides a visualisation of the suffering these teens go through every day.
Whatever your stance is on the LGBT community, Iím sure that none of you would say that itís right for these people to be tormented to the point of death. So give the song a listen, and do what you can to make it stop.
Stay strong, Stay awesome, Stay alive.

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