Old School New Body
Posted by josefado333
28th Apr 2016

Third Exercise: Reverse Bicycles (retrograde motion) Inverse Bicycles are the same movement as in Step 2, but in the opposite movement (rotating backwards). By now, if it's your first time doing this workout, your legs will feel like mush. 25 repetitions.

Fourth Exercise: Crispy Crunchy Frog Frogs - implementation of a combination of where your hands are filled with outdoor swimming style like Butterflies, cupped to your knees, you will enter the chest. This is - The main workout as well. Do not forget to stretch your arms straight as you stretch outward from your stroke. 25 repetitions. If you need to relax, this step would be a good time. Well, if it is - as far as you go for the first time. For those who can continue, proceed to step 5.

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