Does it actually get better?..
Posted by emberry
27th Apr 2016

This time last year i thought my life was normal, that i was an average person, that everything was okay. I thought that barely eating, barely sleeping and self harming was a part of everyone's life. It was May 15th 2015 that something in my mind had changed, like a little switch had been flipped. For a while i was better, for a month or two the self harming stopped. I was diagnosed with severe anxiety and depression in August. At first i wasn't aware of any of it but after a chat with my doctor i was fully aware. I thought i was alone in this, like no one else had ever suffered with anxiety or depression but i didn't realize how many people actually suffered, i am one of those that will just suffer in silence.. not telling anyone when it gets really bad, when i feel like i can't cope., can't go on with my life.. it's time that the silence was broken because it's getting bad again. I just need to know that it eventually gets better, that other people have suffered and won, survived and go on to lead successful lives. It's about time i help myself. I can't do it. I've always had suicidal thoughts, for as long as i can remember and right now, i'm suffering with 'drug' addiction. Stupid me. I feel all alone.

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