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26th Jun 2011

I think Im going to make this my "thing". I'm going to make a point of recommending songs to you guys because to be honest, my life isn't all that interesting that I could tell you about that every single day; but there are countell songs that have pulled me through very dark times.
Scarlet, by Brooke Fraser is a very underrated song. Now, Brooke prides herself on being a christian artist which is a major turn off if, like me, you are not religious. But the lurics in this song really capture the feeling of wanting to escape and start again that can come with depression.

Middle of nowhere,
Finally you can breathe,
Nobody knows your name,
It's easier.

I read a secret on DeviantArtSecret once that said, "I am changing my name, transferring to a new college, moving across the country, leaving my family and friends behind, and becoming a new person...instead of killing myself :D" And that, is exactly what this song sums up, the feelings of wanting to start again that come with depression or any kind of mental health problem.

So have a listen, and experience the feeling of having your emotions sang to you by another person.

Stay strong, Stay awesome, Stay alive.

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