My Sanity
Posted by Leon Hubert
18th Apr 2016

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Let me tell you about my reality-
what I live with, regrettably.
It's not self explanitary,
some may call it imaginary,
but this is what I deal with daily,
so I'll try to put it plainly...

I try to hide my insanity,
show only a little, quite sparingly.
Pretending to be so care free
with smiles and laughter, so cheery;
but behind it all I feel teary.
People being all too friendly
for my liking, I'm thinking grimly,
they talk about me very slyly,
laughing at me heartily,
plotting against me menacingly-
they dont see the difficulty
in average things, every necessity-
but I hold on, pretending generally
that everythings ok, honestly!

But often the mask cracks devastatingly
and that thing you call normality
doesn't come to me so easily.
A loved one can come in handy
but before you know it, it's destiny.
The virus has you entirely.
Minor actions, and bigger ones consequently
are like climbing a cliff vertically.
To just stand is an enormity,
so you leave your body in lethargy
to just barely breathe meakly
whilst your mind is racing chaotically.

I bet you've never felt quite this angry-
like you're losing your mind despairingly,
surrounded yet feeling lonely,
the future looking so bleakly
dark and damp, pure misery.
But you've done all you can do, sadly.
No end in sight, there's no relief y'see,
just crushing black; life's so empty.
People don't understand completely,
and never will totally.
You may think I'm writing moronically
but this is my reality.
I know its all happening around me
I've tried to stop it, repeatedly-
pills and prayer lessen it merely.
Oh how I miss my sanity!

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