Rocky Shore
Posted by taliterblanche
14th Apr 2016

Depression is a bit like erosion...imagine yourself as the rock. The harsh waves of the sea hit against you, wearing you down bit by bit. You feel pieces of your mind have been rushed away by the sea, leaving you with the crashing of the waves and the unsettled waters. Your life around you has been drowned by these waters, and after a while, you feel they will drag you down into the cold, dark sea-bed too. You have forgotten what it was like to see the calm water and to feel the warmth of the Sun beating down on you. It feels as you have forgotten you you are.

That is why I believe it is so important for others to understand what suffering from depression actually feels cannot see the pain, but you must know it is there. It sits in our heads everyday. It feels like the water has filled up our minds, swallowing up our dreams and identity, and leaving a watery space that is dark and cold. We become numb from the freezing cold waters and we feel like we cannot float to the top. This is how depression feels.

A step closer to help save yourself from the murky waters is to share how you feel. Share with others what you feel and what you do not feel; if you cannot, describe it. Do you see black? Do you feel dark? This will bring you a step closer to understanding yourself how you feel as well as giving others the opportunity to understand. The sea will not ease unless you give it the sunshine that it needs...let people help bring you the sunshine back. Allow them to find the you again by calming the storm. You will not drown and you will not feel like this forever. Keep looking to the surface and keep kicking.


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