Laid bare
Posted by screaminginside1
28th Mar 2016

What if I opened up to them .. What if I shared my secretes and my fears what if I broke down laid it all bare told my story of tears and past ?? What if ?
But no instead I keep it in I lock it up and I smile .. I don't smile because I'm ok .i don't smile because the fear has gone I smile because they just don't see me they just don't hear ... It's a fact and you know what it's ok 😊👍🏻 we have all been happy -maybe a very long time ago but we have I swear ..I am blogging simply because I'm afraid of my mind of my thoughts and my fears ..I'm blogging because I Know that this too will pass ... I know this because I've been here many times before I'm and now 30years old ...I've been hurting and hiding since I was 5 years I've been cutting as long as I remember but today I am trying to hold off trying to be the strong woman I KNOW I CAN BE .... It's not easy actually it's very very hard but I'm sick of crying and I'm so very tired of having to hide what I really feel inside I don't want to spend another summer wearing long sleaves I don't !! I don't want to wake up screaming I want to forget my past but then every time I feel strong ..... Along comes that dark mass that evil thing we all have inside us .. The power of thought the ability of over thinking and of course there is the depression .... I don't know where this blog will go .... And frankly I don't really mind .. I just needed to get it out to lay it all bare ... ... We are all alone but really there is always some1 somewhere reading this thinking dam I feel that it's like I'm right there ..

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