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20th Jun 2011

Hello My name is Tiffany I am 19 and new to this website I have suffered from depression and was recently Diagnosed with Emotionally Unstable Personality Disorder also known as Borderline (BPD). which I was at first scared about it as I didnt know much about the diagnosis but I bought a really good book that really helped me and the more I found out about BPD the more I could relate to it and the more it sounded like me. Im okay about it now im coping. I have been in very dark places in the past and have tried to kill myself 8times im not proud of it but that was my way of coping then. Ive also been self harming on and off for 8years im trying my best to stop but its hard as its an addiction. Ive been seeing a physchiatrist for 3 years now and she has been really helpful my life line. I am on medication which really helps and I wouldnt be here if It wasnt for them. I am a nice caring supportive person. I love to help others and I love animals they really help if your feeling crap. I have a golden retriever and 3 cats. I also have animal care qualifications. Sometimes im glad to of had to go through what I have is because it has made me a stronger person. My faith also helps me alot I go to Church every Sunday and help out with serving which really helps me because I know that God loves me and he will forgive me and he will always love me even though I do do bad things. My family are okay at first they didnt understand but there better now. I have a 3 year old niece who really helps me because everytime i see her i can just forget about all my problems and concentrate on her. and she has helped me to realise that I need to stay here because she needs her Aunty and I need her

I have a boyfriend who also has mental health issues and he has been admitted into hospital because he didnt take his meds for a week. this whole situation has been hard to cope and deal with.

Thats it for now thanks for reading :)

Stay strong

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