One of those days!
Posted by pebbles72
7th Mar 2016

Today I am having one of those days, tired, empty, anxious, pressured. I want to be motivated but it leads me to feel more in the duldrums. I am alone and a single parent. I look for ward to the time they come home. I feel safer when they are with me. I want to cuddle i want to scream sometimes i want to run away and be free of responsibility. I feel locked in side my self. I am the complete opposite on my good days, so creative and vibrant always positive and motivated. Last night i did not sleep well and sure i should see doctor for more time signed off. I feel and hear the clock ticking and that make me anxious. I dont want to be rushed. I would like to be left to get on to mend in my own time. I have to go for now as duty calls soon.

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