Today it's a cough...the neverending physical symptoms of anxiety
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3rd Mar 2016

So it's my first post and I am going to get straight to the point. I am sick of my anxiety. Sick to the back teeth of it.

It was always lurking in the background, rearing it's ugly head from week to week. But it's decided to bite hard over the past three months. And it's the ongoing physical symptoms that are really killing me. I suppose I learnt to live with the mental anxiety for so long that in the end bottling it all up was always going to result in a BIG WHAM!

It all started with heartburn and indigestion. Had it before plenty, never gave it a second thought, but for some reason this time I convinced myself I had some form of cancer. Then the lump in the throat sensation hit. Then the tingling hand. And now it's a cough. I've been to the GP several times, but it doesn't stop the fears. I feel like a prisoner. But I am trying to fight it with exercise, meditation, CBT. Sometimes I feel like I am winning; sometimes I don't.

Plenty is written about physical symptoms caused by panic attacks, but less about the ongoing, grinding, daily physical symptoms that seem never-ending.

Hope to report back with some positivity soon...

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