What is depression
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29th Feb 2016

so here it goes writing my first ever blog, I have suffered on and off with mental health, self harming and depression since I was 16. It difficult to explain when people look at you and say come on smile or cheer up it could be worse. Well that's what they don't understand depression is a mental illness just because you can't physically see it doesn't mean it's not there. I lost my brother through suicide last year and it has been hell since it happened so many unanswered questions, wandering why he done it 6 months on I still don't know why he done it. Anti depressants seem to keep me on a normal level. Councelling well I tried that but after a few months it just wasn't for me. Getting angry is the worst part not knowing what to think the longer it becomes with out him not here. The anger thinking I could have done more the past few days my emotions have been up and down so bad that I know I need to go back to the doctors but I want to feel like me again not crying and feeling angry all the time. So my pledge for the next 6 months now is to fufill my life like my bro would want me to. I'm gonna make something with my life but mainly I want to keep his memory alive very loud as if he was still here I am gonna help charities fund raise and donate to get mental health awareness known worldwide .

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