Worth Every Word
Posted by taliterblanche
26th Feb 2016

Describing what depression feels like to others is hard - whenever I have a cloudy day, it is hard to explain why the clouds are there; I do not even know myself. I guess there may be a storm brewing in my head. I have found that by personifying depression, it gives me a strength to push it away mentally in my head. I have written my own description of Happiness and Depression:

Depression is a bully. It pushes you around in your head; it twists things to make them seem darker than they actually are, it keeps you up at night because you keep thinking about it, and it is the thing that makes you feel worthless. Depression is an ugly thing, and what many don't realise, is that it comes and goes whenever it wants. Maybe when we're having a good week, it will pop its head in our mind just to remind us that it is still there, waiting for the right moment to make us scream and cry. This is when we want Happiness to enter. Happiness is fun-loving and great to be around - it cheers you up when you feel down, it makes you see all the good things about you and, best of all, it makes you laugh. However, Depression and Happiness are not friends. Depression sometimes squashes Happiness and tramples all over it so we can forget all the good and wonderful things in life and about ourselves, and Depression does do this very well. However, what Depression forgets is that Happiness never goes away...not really. It may not be there all the time, and certainly not when Depression has its hold over you, but it makes its way to us, and when it does, these feelings of happiness are much stronger than those Depression can give us, if only we give Happiness a chance. Join me in giving Happiness the time to shine.

I hope when you read through this you can see that your depression will not be with you forever - it will not bully you forever and it will go away, just right now you need to focus on building your strength to get better and fight Depression off. Listen to your family and friends when they say they love you and wear those pretty dresses I know you have in your wardrobe to make you feel nice. You are so worth all the love, and we all love you. Remember that.


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