Going round in circles
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26th May 2011

I went to see a counsellor today; I was referred after asking the doctor to see a psychiatrist - I don't quite understand his logic. I was planning on giving her a copy of my previous blog entry and a list of all the little things that stress me and annoy me and make me depressed and tell her I didn't want to be there I wanted a proper assessment from a psychiatrist ... she was so nice though I couldn't bring myself to do it. I was also very tired and slightly hungover which didn't help matters.

The doctor had told her I had anxiety and depression and the questions she asked to try and find out about me etc where such that the only answers I could give confirmed this but in reality she only scratched the surface of my problems but I didn't feel comfortable interrupting and blurting everything else out - I don't want to go in and tell medical professionals what I think is wrong with me, mainly because I could be completely off the mark, surely they should go through the motions and be able to give me a proper diagnosis and treatment. I was able to tell her about my self harm though which was something of relief. I have told a few of my friends but my Mum is my main support and I don't want to hurt her by telling her, that's why i've been trying so hard to get proper help.

So all in all it's just given me another thing to be stressed about.

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