Bloody hell there's a lot of us
Posted by Beef
9th Feb 2016

Started to write a blog before looking at the "Click here" button,then deleted what i'd written and then "Clicked here" Bloody hell there's a lot of us!!! Mental health is a huge issue and we are the proof of it. I have probably sufferd with depression for a great deal of my life ,in the early years i probably didn't understand the lows and the constant beating myself up and put it down to puberty or being Catholic.
I've been on and off medication ,but recently decided it was best to stay on the meds indefinately.My family has a history of depression, so i'm pretty sure my sertonin or lack of it is hereditary!!
To blog or not to blog? Well i've never done it before ,thought about it ,and then unthought it . What's the point i'm sure everyone else has enough rubbish in thier own lives ,let alone reading a middle aged mans mental health issues blog,but here i am pouring myself out into cyberspace.
I enjoy being with people ,so it's a good job i'm a hairdresser ,at times though it's been the most challenging thing i have EVER done ,crying upstairs feeling like i just want to run away and jump under a bus.
I have had the odd suicidal thought amoungst all this ,haven't we all,it's what people with depression die of .Unfortunately it's never reported that way, only ever suicide and not died from depression!! But i'm no reporter just a guy with 3 kids a wonderful life and people always saying "What have you got to be depressed about ?"
Love that question ......not.
Love meditating and yoga ,i think most people that do it are mad ,you have to be to try and get into some of those positions ,but it helps and it's social ,well the yoga is, group meditating probably wouldn't be ,to much silence ....
I must admit ,as i'm running out of steam writing this ,i do feel better than when i started .I'm aware my mood is a little off at the mo but not slipping ,so thats good ,rest and carbs ,for me .
Take care ,be kind to yourself and remember your not alone ,"Bloody hell there's a lot of us" x

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