I'm new here.... But here's a little about me
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6th Feb 2016

Hi I'm peachy... I'm 37 female and I've suffered with mental health since being a teenager
I am not really sure how this site works
But I just thought I'd write a little and see what comes from it

I am awaiting my emergency appointment with a psychiatrist to I hope guide me on something I've been dealing with for many years... But through countless medications and unfortunately having a go who just tried to cover something that needs stitches, with a plaster... I've gradually worsened
my mind is just more and more jumbled

I have been treated and diagnosed with severe depression and anxiety and also for 6 months I didn't leave my home, I literally spent most of that time in my bedroom..I'm here now and it's definitely my safe place
. And was scared to leave even to go into my own living room

I've had 3 or 4 periods of counselling and one series of cbt

I suffer with panick attacks too

Basically I'm quite the nut job

I thought I'd join here just to see how this all works as I find trying to explain myself to some just comes out in a jumble

I could write and write but I'm unsure really on whether I should babble on and on

Anywhooooo I'm just intruding myself and saying
(As well as being quite random)


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