The Silent Majority
Posted by dirkgently1066
4th Feb 2016

Who are we?

The smile that hides a broken soul.

The reflection in the mirror you can't look in the eye.

The voice that says you're too fat, too short, too stupid.

The voice that says you're no good, you're a failure, that there is no point in trying.

The realisation that the voice is your own.

When you feel different, out of place, flawed.

When life seems to be a party that everyone has been invited to but you.

When the world seems to look down on you and say, 'no.'

For those who fight a daily battle, unseen from the world.

For those who think they are they are weak, alone, that no one understands.

You are not weak, you are not flawed. And you are not alone.

We are the silent majority. But let us be silent no more. It is time to talk. It is time to change.

Because it is never too late to be the person you want to be.

Life is a journey. Let's walk it together.

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