rainbow drops
Posted by tansam
4th Feb 2016

I sometimes feel so lost that My Negative thoughts snow ball and I see no way pass.I have a prayer book where I write alot of my feelings down on paper and To god . I sometimes know he has heard me as Some days I feel lighter after A Proper sleep one that hasnt been distube by NOise or my thought process Not swichting.ON my bad nights my dog whos my best friend as sence that I feel not my best self So my little dog well follow me all around. I feel god as a Plan for me as my dog was sent to me by fate and so lucky To have that special friend in times of my disspare but I know gods be there when I take a drive and see a beautiful rainbow IN the sky . Such beautiful colours that he gave us and so lucky to have my eyes to see them.. so my rainbow drops are for when my days are gray and I cant see no other colours I dont dress in any colours and KNow that I in dispare.

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