happy new year
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31st Dec 2015

it's new year's eve about 22.00
people are gathering outside our flat complex and fireworks sporadically explode in the distance
i look back on the last tumultuous year and know that i've learned a lot from my experiences and from the many people who have crossed mypath
i've rebuked a certain young whippersnapper with a twang who thinks i know everything about the meaning of life, the universe and everything and tried to elevate me above my status
i hope the individual as the wisdom to learn the lesson i was trying to teach
respect boundaries and equality
because wen you elevate someone, you put them in a position over other people
and that can lead to pride, which can lead to a fall
i've fallen decolletage over derriere too many times and it gives me a headache and a sore butt
so, i try to stay upright on level ground
avoid the pitfalls and the bumps ;)
we were on about names and their meaning
my daughter's name means overcomer, and she's had a lot to overcome
my own name means the following in hebrew: "Represents people who are peacemakers, sensitive, love to please, they hate arguments, tend to mediate complex and sensitive situations. Diplomats, with high intuition. Need love, warmth and touch. Quiet and friendly"
i think my parents hit the nail right on the head with that one
so, whatever your name is and wherever you are, have a lovely-as-possible new year, we won't be celebrating, my daughter hates louds noises and the visual flases send my brain into meltdown
i'll be spending the evening online with my lovely little feathery comapnion dundee all fluffed up and watching me with her twinkly eyes
she's almost weaned and beginning tp use the cockatiel gym i bought er and chuck little toys all over the floor
your typical kid behaviour
take care everyone, and SANE...PLEASE can we have some active moderators in the forum, please
and maybe a professional counsellor on standby
thanks for the forum and all the other info on your site
it's been a very useful resource in my own recovery journey
i feel better now the risperidone is out of my system, and the abilify is kicking in
no problem taking meds when they help...and they do, side effects can be managed
Happy New Year

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