practical suggestions to aid recovery
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29th Dec 2015

practical solutionsÖ
these wonít apply to everyone, but they might give you some ideas to help your own recoveryÖ

I suffer joint pain in my hip, shoulders and feet
what caused it is debateable, drugs, wear and tear, I donít know
so, putting on and taking off a heavy winter coat is painful
I use pashmina shawls in muted colours, this because by wearing a shawl makes me stand out, itís different and I want to blend in
with a coupla thick jumpers underneath and a pair oí gloves, warm as toast
u can get them online in various patterns, colours and fabrics so theyíre good for summer as well if u have to cover up (like for sun protection)
and they look very graceful and feminine
u can also hide a shoulder bag underneath, slung across ur body soís it doesnít weigh on ur shoulders
Iím from gypsy stock, so it suits my personae as well ;)
in wet weather u can get rain capes with a hood

I also use a walking stick
it slows me down and helps me walk
I bought an adjustable, collapsible one from a well-known site that smiles on its parcels for a coupla quid
itís also handy as a deterrent
u can get them in all sorts of colours, designs and they look quite nice
shopping-wise, though I usually get mine delivered now (online shopping) cos of social phobia, I use a colourful trolley
itís compact, colourful and theyíre very popular with the young girls now over here
using one means I donít have to carry heavy bags and that helps to keep the shakes from getting worse
mineís got colourful spots all over it, I like

I wear flat shoes as they help my balance, donít cause a strain on my feet tendons and I can make a quick getaway if Iím being harassed after a wave of my stick
quite trendy fashions available
Iím 55 so a bit long in the tooth, and itís a case of adapting whatís available to suit ur needs
and, for me, a way of expressing the person and character I am
making a statement
itís ok to be (slightly) different and it gives me confidence if I look my best
itís a different story at home Ė slobbed out in scruffs, hair stuck up all over the place and usually covered in generous splats of something unmentionable
frightens the hell out of the postman haha

I seem to attract bullies, and strangely, even young kids
I use body language both to protect myself, establish boundaries and educate the local population that Iím not to be messed with Ė I want and demand respect as their equal
I learned most of what I use from nature Ė how animals interact in different situations
bullies Ė assess the situation, if u feel u canít stand up to them, lower your eyes and avoid eye contact, but keep them in your peripheral vision (corner of your eye), this means submission, it gets the bully confused (direct eye contact can be perceived as hostile by most animals, same applies to humans)
body language is largely processed very quickly by the subconscious, it overrides verbal processing, itís direct, understood immediately
so, you old up your hand in a gentle ďstopĒ (a placatory gesture) and at the same time apologise for offending the person, immediately turn and walk away
if youíre pursued, get to a place of safety, call for help if necessary, try to avoid being in lonely places that put you at extra risk, stranger danger is innate Ė if u feel a prickly, tingly sensation itís usually a warning that somethingís amiss
if, after assessing the situation and u feel confident enough to deal with it, direct eye contact (assertiveness), be respectful, even with kids, hold your hand up firmly (stop) and at the same time say youíve got a headache, donít speak their language, youíre in a rush, whatever. the plan is to get out of the situation as quickly and safely as possible
if youíre really frightened by going out and social interaction, try to go with a companion

take and KYSS (Keep Your Self Safe)

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