Poem for my Dad with no emotional boundaries
Posted by jojobpd
28th Dec 2015

Save me from the pain
That's driving me insane
Burning thru my skin
Breaking me from within
This must be a sin
To never let me begin
From the start or the end
Untangle my descent
Find the right cause
For these applause
They give to you
For making my life untrue
Taking a child
And making her hide
The pain inside
So you wouldn't chide
She's not her mother
Or your brother
She can't leave
Or succeed
For fear of hurting
The man she worships!

I wish to be
The women I see
Confident and free
To be truly at peace
Not dependent on a we
Or willing to secede
To your demands
Fears you implant
Pain you demand
To prove they understand
Your needs and fears
Loves you hold dear
But what about me
And my dreams
Because they're not yours
There must be flaws
Oh let me be me
You say that I'm free
But where is my will
It's in a pill
That I must take
These feelings to shake
As they're so ingrained
Deep in the brain
You put them there
And I don't dare
Take them all away
Or really have my say
For fears are so ingrained
Like the marks in my wood
That really you should
Let me expose
With my prose
So as to show
The truth
Our lives are uncouth
And you are
The oppressor to you successors

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