Coping with the DWP
Posted by Sherry
23rd Dec 2015

I have no idea how to make this blog work but there must be some way for people to cope with the DWP horrors. Can people please use this blog over christmas to network and help each other. What the DWP is doing is very wrong, but there will be some way through. Please call lifeline if you can if you need to talk things out, or maybe blog here. Ideas for coping include pooling resources with other people struggling to cope with what the DWP is doing, writing to the DWP to let them know the realities of your situation, maybe staging a rally, etc. For what it's worth, I will try to be online over christmas in case my advice can help anyone. I am an ageing mental health advocate with bipolar in Sydney. Under the mental health act, people with mental illnesses have fewer rights than criminal offenders and conditions in psychiatric wards are actually worse than in jails. That's right: the issues associated with mental illnesses are actually worse than the mental illnesses themselves and, as you know, mental illnesses are horrific conditions. There must be some way to cope with what the DWP is doing and I hope I am able to give good advice. I recommend letting as many people as possible know what the DWP is doing, and pooling resources - these are the first things that come to mind. I hope I can help somehow over Christmas and I will be online as much as possible. I recommend getting as much help as you can pretty much however you can (be as honest and good as possible) and not standing on ceremony too much. Lifeline can be good to talk to. Writing things down is a purge and letting off steam in some way - perhaps frenetic dancing. Get as much help as you can at the moment, pretty much any way you can (try to be good and honest). Please blog me with any questions I might be able to try to answer and I will try to be online as much as possible over Christmas. Sherry.

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