A Eureka Moment...
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19th Dec 2015

A Eureka Moment…

Well, this is a turn up for the books!
I had a flash of inspiration earlier.
My cpn is putting a bit of pressure on me to socialise (I’m perfectly happy being a loner), she keeps inviting me to groups at the local MH annexe.
The last place I want to be is sat in a group of ever-changing faces in a place where the slightest facial expression is observed and noted, and every word listened to with assessment in mind of my state of mind.
So, I’m sat there crocheting and my mind is drifting here and there and suddenly…
Local art group!
Workshops, friendly, small group, free painting (do what you like), dead cheap supplies and regular exhibitions locally and online.
I’ve heard it’s a bit clique-y, but I’m a bit of a flamboyant character (mutedly so, these days) and I reckon I could just about cope with that.
And I’m thinking, maybe, just maybe, there’s a possible career here.
A few blogs back I said I had quite a few strings to my bow, but no violin.
I think I just found my Stradivarius.
AND it satisfies my cpn’s very thoughtful desire to see me reintegrating with society.
Lots of happy, smiley faces all around.

(Hint: if you like painting or drawing (or writing like calligraphy) and you’ve got the shakes for whatever reason, use a kitchen scourer/sponge as a shock absorber under your drawing/writing hand. Scourer side down to prevent it slipping, sponge side to rest your wrist on. I also use a glass panel from an old picture frame as a “drawing board”, with a cardboard backing off an A4 writing pad underneath the paper as this makes the pen/pencil/brushwork more controllable.)

I’m all happy and excited now, which is not good thing at my age and with my non-depressive bipolar whatever.
I need a tai chi workout.

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