Overcoming Writer's Block
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14th Dec 2015

If you use poetry or any sort of writing as an outlet for feelings, worries etc. and find you have writerís block, hereís a way to get through it.
Iíve had it a few times and it makes me like Iíve failed. Itís awful.
So, though the ideas are not flowing, the skill is still there. If you can speak a language, the skill is there. Personally I think itís my brain requiring a cerebral ďtime outĒ.
I got the following idea from Philip Larkin (famous poet, lived in Hull).
Pick a topic Ė the sky, the floor, the clothesline, whatever.
Write down ten words that describe it Ė verbs, adjectives, nouns, different sorts of words.
So, if I wanted to write about writerís block:


The above is all I could think of quickly.
Then try and construct free verse (no rhyming, rhythm, punctuation, rulesÖ)

my mind is a blank
i canít even write blank verse
i feel so small
so sad
so disappointed
in myself
frustrated by the lack
of a poem

I find it a useful way to get through until the block passes.

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