Pleasant Diversions
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13th Dec 2015

Rock Pool
When I was in MH hospital in April Ė June last year, I found beautiful things were sometimes the most simple to find.
There was an enclosed courtyard with herbs like rosemary, lavender etc and a few pebbled areas, small stones Ė pea gravel, I think itís called.
I cadged a plastic salad bowl container from one of the staff and slowly picked a few interesting looking pebbles and put them into the container. When the container was half-filled with water the pebbles shone and glowed and the water magnified the shapes.
Now at home I use a jam jar.
When my kids were little they used to love doing stuff like this.

Indoor Zen Garden
Take a seed tray and fill with sand.
Arrange some small interesting pebbles on top of the sand.
Using a section of a wide-toothed comb, create ridges in the sand around the pebbles, like ripples on water.

Pot pourri and pressing plants
In hospital I gathered small flowers, herb leaves, daisies etc and left them to dry on a paper plate. Scented with any essential oil/perfume (I had to use shower gel at the time) it made my room smell nice.
I pressed leaves and flowers (gathered when I was allowed out on leave and from the courtyard) in a thick book. A few weeks later they were dry and flat and I used them to make pictures.

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