Once Upon A Time...
Posted by taliterblanche
11th Dec 2015

A new book means new ideas. The start of a new chapter and the beginning of a great story. I literally bought myself a new notebook today (to write down my ideas and thoughts of the day) however this concept can be metaphorically applied to your life…if you have the imagination to see your life as a fairytale.

You may not have an obvious hero in your book and the little animals may only be the pigeons on the London streets, however your tale is one to tell. You have been trapped, in a dark place, and have suffered for what feels like an eternity…depression does this to you. Depression and all your negativity are the villains in your story…they try their mightiest to get you down; they push you away from your friends, your talents and your dreams. However, you find yourself being lifted up by the strength that has been lit inside you by a magical source – positivity. The sparks ignite and you find yourself breaking out of this dark entity and walking toward the light, where dreams come true and the inner you can shine. This is where you, the protagonist of the tale, can make a difference. Your next page can be a tale of woe and how the true hero got defeated…or, it can be something much more magical.

When feeling down, think of your story. What will your next page be? Will you want it to be happy? If so, work hard to save yourself from the bad thoughts and focus your mightiest on the good. There is so much good in the world, you may just need to open your eyes a little more to see it. Write your next chapter of your life. Write a magical tale of you.


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