Coping strategies...
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5th Dec 2015

...for stress, sensory overload, exhaustion & insomnia.

Stress – deal with the source (situation, event) asap. Use exercise to destress if feeling hyper (eg a short walk, breath of fresh air), talk, write, draw. Wind down. Rest.

Sensory overload – low stimulus environment, quiet, low-level lighting (eg night-light), keep warm, comfortable. Half our at least.

Exhaustion – bed/sofa rest, use a hot water bottle if cold, cuddle something (or someone), do minimum tasks (those immediate, necessary tasks only).

Insomnia – deep meditation, focus on the point of sleep (sort of like the darkness at the end of a glaringly-lit tunnel), keep pushing intrusive thoughts and feelings aside. This takes practice, at worst you go into a deep state of relaxation, at best a couple of hours of sound sleep. It took me a couple of weeks to be able to use it effectively.

Quick energiser – lay flat on your back on a carpeted floor or rug, arms by your sides. Play soft music (panpipes are great for this), soft lighting, few drops of essential oil on a tissue nearby (I use lavender). Totally relax for at least a minute to as long as you’re able. Works laid on a bed but not as well.

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