Easy does it
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2nd Dec 2015

So, Iíve been preparing for my ATOS Work Capability Assessment next week and, having weighed up all my options, made some decisions.
Iíve decided to return to work late next year. Iíve been looking for a voluntary job for a few hours a week to build up a good reference as I have no likely good ones from my past jobs. So far, no takers, so Iím thinking of doing some peer mentoring.
The trouble is Iíve got lots of strings on my bow but no violin. I have lots of skills but am virtually unemployable given my MH history and continued medication and resignations from the last 4 jobs.
Iíve learned a lot this year about myself after I had a sort of breakdown in March. The most important thing Iíve learned is not to expect too much of myself too soon. I push myself hard and have got to rock bottom 5 times in the last 10 years. When the warning signs are there, I need to heed them and slow down, and believe colleagues who tell me Iím doing fine, or note when concerns are voiced.
I hadnít been able to watch a dvd for months, just in short 10 minute parts, but after a couple of months of slowly building up, I can pretty much watch one all the way through. And I can do simple Sudoku again, really encouraging. My brainís starting to function properly again.
Easy does it.

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