How to live
Posted by jackblueblog
24th Nov 2015

The following helped me with my mental health issues.

Is the best way to approach life to be yourself, forget the past and accept your fate? Granted, itís not easy to relax in social system which is predicated on neurosis. And our relationship to time is changing faster than ever. An ancient Chinese saying, prophetic in its way, encapsulates the bridge between past and future. ĎDonít look to the past, lose one eye. Look to the past, lose both eyesí. Lotís wife looked back, ignoring the Angels warnings and turned into a pillar of salt. Blessed are the forgetful, because memory and knowledge will destroy us if we let them, as will presentiments and pedantry. Circumventing is, of course necessary sometimes, and understandable: but if itís coupled with repetative, negative thoughts of the past, it becomes destructive. Most things are about interpretation, letting people be mean to you if they wish (then running away) and going forward with a glass half full attitude- like a bottle floating on the sea. If you let people behave how they are inclined to behave, you normally get the best out of them. Life carries you like that bottle on the ocean, you are at itís mercy. Itís not too difficult though, all you have to do is float through the bad times, bob up and down in the good times, and look to the horizon.

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