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13th Nov 2015

For over a year I've been battling a silent battle with Depression. Apart from online counselling, which helped a bit, I haven't recieved any help. I find I cannot speak to family about it for multiple reasons, including their ignorance surrounding mental health, my weak relationship with them and also the 'stigma' surrounding mental health. I've recently been put on a 6 week waiting list for Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) but the issue is I don't think CBT is the best therapy for me- but also its only for 6 weeks so it's not even long term...
The other issue I find with therapy as a whole is that 'counselling' you can talk about anything but the counsellor won't suggest things- but then CBT where the therapist suggests methods to improve- you do not talk about your past - my issue is I think i need a combination of both...and for longer than just 6 weeks

I don't have money and don't wish to ask my family for money for counselling privately, but through a charity/NHS the waiting lists are very long (a local charity to me its a 6 month waiting list for counselling...)
I have confidense issues going to my GP (I went once with my mum, but the issue is I found the meeting just addressed nothing and got prescribed anti-depressents but my mum disagrees with them so said 50/50 about anti depressants but can't go behind the back of my family and get them as it will cause issues down the line).

The photo attached is the lyrics of my favourite song- which it seems as if the writer wrote it about me as the lyrics in the picture (and most of the lyrics of the entire song) as it relates to me soooo much.

seems like my life is stuck between a rock and a hard place right now....

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