A World Of Safety
Posted by Angela McCrimmon
10th Nov 2015

Lost in a world that no-one can see,
But I'm happy and safe right here,
It's the one and only place I can be,
Myself with nothing to fear.

I can hold my pen, allow it to move,
Wherever it wants to go,
It's for my eyes only, nothing to prove,
Not another soul will I show.

I'm secure and not at risk for I know,
For my feelings are not burning up,
I can be who I am, not put on a show,
While inside my emotions erupt.

There's no-one to say that they don't believe,
A word that I'm trying to say,
There's no one there to wrongly perceive,
It's helping me face the day.

I don't hurt in this place, no need for harm,
My pen and paper provide,
The canvas I need to say who I am,
And all that I'm feeling inside

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