Said a thousand times before...
Posted by wordbearer
25th Oct 2015

This blog is for me; I've had a peek around some the other blog postings trying to figure out what to say, what topics to talk about. Never having written a blog before, never fancied tweeting either.After all what would be interesting for other people to read about me. The only remarkable thing about me is that I am unremarkable. No one's particularly interested in what I'm wearing which coffee shops and bars I frequent, or whom am or not dating.
My mental health is no better or even any worse than other folk on the sane depression is all to similar to others. From medications to therapies all very similar. And maybe that's OK, because heaven knows when that black dog bites it can be the loneliest, the most isolating feeling in the world. A true experience of "Am I the Only One to go through this pain". So in some mixed up way its good to know that there are a lot of people equally f##ked up as me...

I guess writing a blog is a very good way to express oneself, to let the many different voices out of ones mind. To be able to record a diary of sorts to different days of different feelings.(I have never really felt comfortable writing diaries in the past, felt girly some how "Dear Diary, I am sooo in love with Justin Beiber! he and I will one day get married and have blah blah blah blah"....

So lets get this blog on the road....

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