Lisa's Poem
Posted by Leon Hubert
22nd Oct 2015

Lisa shared this poem with us, which she wrote whilst struggling.


I don't want to talk, just leave me alone,

Stop texting me, stop ringing my phone.

I don't want your advice, or pep talks, or cheer

Just leave me to find my way out of here.


Turn out the lights, lock the front door,

Leave me in peace, let me lie here on the floor,

In my pyjamas, not washed for days,

I'll find my way out, but at my own pace.


I know there are people worse off than me,

I can't snap out of it, isn't that clear?

It doesn't help me to know how much you despair,

If you're going to stay, then sit quietly my dear. 

Give me your hand and hold me a while,

Let me be me and maybe I'll smile...

In time, but not yet, when this feeling has passed

But don't hold out hope, I know it don't last.

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