my poem, light at the end of the tunnel
Posted by kirstyh
12th Oct 2015

Light at the end of the tunnel

Darkness gathers around my being
Filling me with dread
The only voices to be heard
Are the ones inside my head

I cannot see what's straight ahead
I cannot hear them call
Pure blackness overwhelms me
I must stop me from this fall

Slowly I manage a stumble
I must leave this tunnel behind
I need to escape this darkness
I have to clear my mind

Ignoring the voices in my head
They start to scream and shout
I will not surrender
I know I must get out

Faster now I pick up pace
My walk becomes a run
Something in the distance shines
Have I finally found the sun?

The end of the tunnel approaches
I have made it at last
I tried so hard to reach it
And leave the darkness in the past

As my eyes adjust to this new light
I stand in complete awe
People still surround me
Why hadn't I noticed that before?

The world is lit so brightly
For the sun is shining down
Light makes such a difference
A smile replaces my frown

I do not move
I watch and listen
With this new found light
Things start to glisten

Day turns to night
Yet I am still here
The sun slowly sets
But there is no longer the fear

Out comes the moon
A bright light fills the night sky
Millions of stars twinkle
Shining down from up high

The truth is that darkness
Can blind one and all
We must all look for the light
No matter how small

I have discovered my own light
Deep down inside
I can see, I can hear
No longer must I hide

Light is around us
Wherever we may be
Its just not always obvious
Not always there to see

There is light at the end of the tunnel At the end of the tunnel it is bright Dont sit and suffer in darkness Speak out and reach for the light

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