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28th Sep 2015

Hi. My name is Jenny and I am 26 years old. I live in London and have a degree in Creative Writing and English. Several years ago I began getting chest pains and migraines, some days I felt so ill I couldnít get out of bed and the thought of facing the world caused anxiety.

Eventually I went to see a doctor, he suggested counselling. I replied that I was Chinese, we are not allowed to talk about how we feel. He then suggested that I should keep a diary, writing exactly how I felt, and what triggered those feelings. Keeping the diary became second nature to me, I even began writing poems each week, exploring my emotions through this medium too, and gradually I began to get to the root of my feelings.

At university I decided it was okay to see a counsellor, there were no fixed appointments and it was free, it was then I realised how much else I was keeping in. I was diagnosed with mild depression and Generalised Anxiety Disorder. After I graduated, I looked for counselling, but not only was it expensive, it was also difficult to fit it in with my unpredictable work hours.

I convinced myself I didnít need it anymore until mid-2013, when I found myself unemployed, fighting a legal battle. My life was filled with problems and everything else that could, went wrong. My health deteriorated, all my symptoms came back, it was difficult to eat and I weighed only 40kg.

I went back to writing in my diary, entry after entry, poem after poem. I often cried myself to sleep hoping that the next day my diary would give me the answers and help I so desperately needed, plus perspectives and options for me to explore.

Eventually I turned writing in my diary to blogging about Mental Health. I also set up a facebook writing group to (write your way to happiness) encourage others to write their thoughts too. I know writing helped me so now I hope to help others.

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