Talk to the hand
Posted by kinseydarling
24th Sep 2015

Why do you always talk down to me? Like I'm the most idiotic person that you have ever met. Do you see me or some dumbass because I honestly don't know anymore. I make a mistake, it inconveniences you a slight bit and then it's a reason to call me and berate me for it. How is that nice? Imagine if I did that to you everytime YOU inconvenienced me!! I'd have no voice left.

I thought that you would chill out and grow up after having a daughter because you'd need to, but you don't in areas and that is sad. You get offended and lash out when something makes you miss out on being 'childish' with your mates. I don't know what to do because all I get is ANGER and SHOUTING. How does that solve a thing? Hmm..

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