Fabulous fish dont you know.
Posted by blingkasa
23rd Aug 2015

Before i forget, I am going to jot this down. Another " Tuna" recipe. Whats with the Tuna dude? Well, its a known fact that Tuna is full of lots of Omegas and Alphas and minerals and vitamins and Tuna are the strongest fish in the world. I believe a lot of Tuna fish actively participate in bodybuilding competitions as well ... so there you go...


Seasoned Flour ( the ones you deep fry chicken in)
Dash salt
Dash Cooking oil

Mix the tuna and the flour together, roll into balls and flatten out, like cakes and then deep fry until they are golden brown. Eaten best when hot and with chili sauce in copious amounts. Do not share.

Today as usual I was awake early. The stomach was awake. I was asleep. The stomach was churning. And then out of nowhere comes the list of " things and thoughts and What if's?" You know those thoughts? They always start with " What if I screw up....What if I cant do it... What if she hates me.....?" and then they kind of mount up from there, like bolognaise on a pile of spaghetti, one gets lost in twirling around and around trying to find logic. Actually yes, spaghetti is a good description of my minds present state. Hate spaghetti now.

I tidied my room. The thing is, in the back of my spaghetti head, I know I am trying to distract myself. And, I think I need to stop doing this and face up to the facts. Fact is, the more I try and distract myself, the more agitated I get... It's because of the " forced effort" , it does not help. In this amazing dont you know book by Claire Weekes, she advises to " float through fear" . Oh, how I wish I could Claire! I cant though! I am heavy with woe and forboding thoughts and it is scary as shit.

But, if I don't face up to the fact these " fears" are just random racing thoughts which have no power except the power I choose to give them? ( Note to self : Watch The Secret again and focus)

Don't give Power to shitty thoughts.

I am still trying to meditate..... In a way. Okay, maybe not " properly". Okay, I could try harder!
But I get distracted.. I start to talk to myself... sitting there I am saying " Now you are meditating... then I reply with " If you are meditating then why are you talking?" Then I say " I am not talking I am meditating, you are talking! Then it goes on and I get up and have a coffee or something. I reckon though that if I manage to concentrate more I could be a guru. Not.

I am going to cook dinner in a minute. Not sure what I will make but it will have potatoes. Potatoes in their jackets ( very prada) because jackets are full of protein and minerals... which is why we must wear jackets..

This week I am going to be making yet another Cake in a mug. Why? Because I love the fact that you can have the most delicious, moist, crumbly, sweet puddingy cake in less than 3 minutes. And you sprinkle it with icing sugar and lose yourself in a blissful warm gooey sweetness..... better than sex somewhat dont you know.

Speaking of Sex.

Dear Boyfriend ,You need to realize that the World does not turn around you. Also, you have big ears that stick out like a rabbit. And the sex was okay. But I do like cake in a mug as well. You look like cake in a mug actually. Cocktail sausage features.

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