You have to eat something
Posted by blingkasa
21st Aug 2015

I made these the other day and my Family love them. One thing about depression is we either have no appetite or we comfort eat. Eating is important. We have to eat. It keeps us going. At times we dont even feel like cooking or ordering a takeaway... At the moment I am in and out of the Kitchen and I do enjoy making up easy yummy recipes.

Tuna Pfrappes.

A can of Tuna in olive oil ( drained)
A few slices of bread
1 beaten egg
1 clove of garlic, some shallots, onion ( if you like)
a dash of soya sauce
salt and pepper
breadcrumbs ( optional)

Oil to fry
Rolling pin

Fill the frying pan with enough Oil to fry. Then mix the tuna, the onions and garlic together. Now, you take a slice of bread and you roll it out into a thinner slice. Put a dessert spoon of the tuna mix into the centre of the bread and roll it up, then dip the roll into the beaten egg and if you want, the breadcrumbs. Fry until golden brown and eat ! Lovely jubbly with a salad and a dollop of mayo. Plus, Tuna is full of those Oh so important Omega fats and minerals. Eat it with relish.

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