some time later
Posted by Dredmelkor
21st Aug 2015

There has been some time since my last post, I only usually go online at night when I'm "manic" or something. Truth is the meds keep me awake, sometimes, if I have to take one late in the day.
must bear in mind that i am a person with problems not a problem person.
I'm diagnosed with a few conditions, which make my mind a living hell to be in when I'm not heavily medicated. At the moment things are well and good except for the gf being a little difficult to be around I felt like I was losing my mind and probably was. Brainfog is not very nice thing to experience when you are trying to write a blog lol.
Well this is my life lately, I'm currently staying at the gfs dad's house which is ok except my bpd makes me hate him and stuff, I don't really care much for anything, but I make the effort most days to appear well and happy and stuff, hard work, I can tell you.
Since the weather has changed, my wellbeing changed along with it and I became "under the weather" so to speak. I don't know why this is. Anyway, been attending a few meetings and joining in the activities at a mental health drop-in centre here. Growing a passion for "Black Label Society".
I was contemplating doing something stupid a lot lately. The bible says to resist temptation, so I'm doing my best.
I don't see much hope for the future a lot, but who knows, eh?
I may have some options available to me.
Anyway take care all, and have a nice day.

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