When do I give up?
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14th Apr 2011

Following a period of switching jobs and partners and then the death of a, very close. young relative I finally had to go to the doctors to find out why I was suffering from sleepless nights, pset stomach, mood swings, major sweats etc etc. As I explained the year I had been through, I broke down. He suddenly asked if I had ever had a major breakdown!! After more questions he decided I was suffering from stress and depression and gave me amonth off work. When he gave me a further month off, my company decided to 'let me go' as I was on 6 months probation - how supportive of them - even though they had made me go through an assessment with a company they chose who confirmed my condition. I was advised to claim employment and sickness benefit which I promptly did on 2/12/2010. After 6 weeks I called to find out what was happening only to be told that y claim had been closed as I was receiving SSP. I wasnt of course, so my case was reopened and at the end of January I received a payment - yippee. They wrote and told me that I wasnt getting anymore as I hadnt sent in a sick note. So I went to the doctors, got one and sent it in. After 2 weeks I called to see where my money was and they told me that there were two weeks missing from the end of my last sicknote up to the start of my new one. So back to the doctors for another note. I sent that in and received a payment - yippee. Then I was told I had to go for an assessment. The 'doctor' asked me if I could walk 200 yds and if I could raise my arms above my head. He asked me if I was safe in the kitchen and told the DWP that there is nothing wrong with me so they have now stopped my money completely. If he had asked me about sweats and moods etc I could have told him how, the day before my assessment, I had thrown a welsh dresser across the living room because it started to rain!!! Normal? I dont think so. So I am sitting here now waiting for the phone to ring for the umpteenth time this week with the letting agent wanting their rent and I have no food in the house and feeling is it all worth it and when do I give up. Do the people at the DWP know what stress and depression means and if so, do they have a chart in the office so they can have a sweepstake on who they push over the edge first.

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