Another day of being low
Posted by blingkasa
14th Aug 2015

Dear Boyfriend who disappeared on me,

The other day when I came back and was not well, I really needed you to be there for me. You briefly were, Almost, But, i felt rushed. Like a nuisance to you.

You said you couldnt stay, i dunno why. I was not listening. Just readying myself internally for being lonely.
You have a way of making me feel lonely. I think sometimes you do it on purpose.

I messaged you, you said you were with your friends. I said I was not well. You didnt care.
Did you ever care I wonder sometimes.

So i was ill on my own. Yes, you got me some vitamins and some herbal remedy. Yes you took me to the doctor, but, I needed you to be there emotionally for me.

You make me feel needy. I think you know this.

I told you I had enough. You didnt bat an eyelid. You left.

Its been two weeks now. In that time I have been unwell but gotten better and now I am trying to cope with depression and fear on a daily basis.

You know this about me. And yet, you dont care. Did you ever?
Anyway, its fine. Its not important.

I am important. I have to accept this. Otherwise I might end up as a lonely wondering prick.
Like you Dear.
My arse.

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