Not particularly tragic
Posted by trueliberation
13th Aug 2015

I dont think my story is particularly tragic in any way so im probably going to just let my story out through my blog entries. I dont think that there has to be some tragic event in your life in order for you to feel depressed. I know that there has been in my mind tragic events but I understand that we all experience our own version of those tragedies and its our responsiblity to heal ourselves.

I can only think to tell you of how my day has been and how I have ended up joining Sane. I woke up with a feeling of dread this morning and it didnt subside for a few hours. I did the usual, slept until I could face getting out of bed. Tried to practice some yoga because i thought it might make me feel bettter and less pointless. It once has. All the while i was trying to remain aware of my emotional reaction to the physical action and hoping for some relief and peace. Maybe i was too busy waiting or expecting the fruits of my labour that they were nowhere to be seen?

I have a constant chatter with myself and I try to think positive thoughts and spread positive vibes to the people around me. But when I'm alone, which I am known to often prefer, I go round in circles in my head about the foes and lack of jollies and then all my bad habits and vices seem to shine bright.

I'm not sure what to make of it all, but i know i need to get on top of it. I know that it can conquer me and I know I can conquer it. I must take action.

I have a very optimistic side to my thoughts which believes everybody can achieve what they want. If I believe this for others then I must live this myself. So being here on this site is my step towards the right direction. I was inspired by someones blog and so I will blog.

Action 1. Take action - Find things that inspire you and do it right away
Goal: Remind self of something positive
Tested: Writing a Blog to share thoughts

How was this achieved?
I took a thought and put it into action. It really was that simple and i need to remind myself of that. I was feeling depressed and i knew that could find help online so I went online and found a blog written by another sane member and was inspired. People writing about things that matter.
There is something i need to remember here.

At what cost?
It took about an hour of my time, no costs apart from the internet and use of computer.

Result: Im feeling optimistic. I have surprised myself in how content this has made me feel. I have wanted to write a blog and also give back to the community and I have somehow managed to feel like I have done both. Feel like a winner.

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